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Earth Embassy Organic Herbal Smoking Mix

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Earth Embassy Organic Herbal Smoking Mixes are hand blended on our homestead from all organic dried herbs.

Ingredients: Raspberry Leaf*, Passionflower*, Spearmint*, Holy Basil*, Lemon Balm*, Lobelia*.
"Take a breath and welcome your day. Sunrise is an invigorating blend of the finest organic herbal plants that will rise your senses."

Ingredients: Damiana*, Blue Lotus*, Coltsfoot*, Lindon Flower*
"Whimsical in nature, fleeting, floating, flying into a field of dream. Daydream into this casual combination of organic herbal plants that will whisk you away upon the fluffiest of clouds."

Ingredients: Mullein*, Marshmallow Leaf*, Mugwort*, Orange Peel*, Lavender*, Rose Petal*.
"Relax into your night. Sunset brings the calmness and serenity of twilight. A moment capturing calm reflection."